GMO Testing

Cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops has increased significantly around the globe over the last decade.  This increase in production has been combined with a complex and asynchronous global regulatory approval process for GM products, necessitating testing food and agricultural products for GM content in order to facilitate international trade.  GMO (genetically modified organism) testing confirms the identity and nature of the product at every step along the supply chain and assures compliance with import or labeling regulations for genetically modified food and feed.

GMO analysis can be performed in the field or in a testing laboratory and determination of the appropriate test method is dependent on the nature of the sample, the required level of sensitivity of the assay, and the intended market for the product.  This site reviews the different types of tests that can be performed for GMO detection, quantification, and identification, and provides information on how to determine which type of test is most appropriate for a particular situation.